ACS Construction

Our History

ACS was formed in 1986 and so began our crusade to change atitudes within the industry. The goal was to replace the old, adversarial nature of relationships with collaboration and joint problem-solving, thus creating an environment which promotes a positive, proactive approach to construction. This, in turn, would lead to a superior end product and satisfied clients who would work with us time after time.

Thirty-Five years later, ACS can demonstrate a successful track record in several market sectors and a reputation built up by repeat orders from both clients and consultants. AT ACS, each year we invest in the future by strengthening our financial stability. By providing our own working capital we are not subject to the whims of a lender and can ensure strong management and good relations with sub-contractors through prompt payment.

Our Ethos

The team at ACS, supported by our broad base of tradespeople and suppliers, has grown over the last thirty five years. There is mutual trust and respect. Each new project is viewed as an investment in our joint futures. Contrary  to standard practice, ACS employs its own skilled staff, lightly supplemented by the use of sub-contractors. This has been a deliberate choice to ensure total control of quality and workmanship.

We’re a close knit team of passionate and skilled professionals and the individuals allocated to your project will be there, with you, from initial planning to final finish, which ensures a meticulous and professional approach to your project. By caring for our employees and developing their skills through training we have a more responsible, inspired workforce. This approach continues to pay dividends by allowing ACS to provide a flexible service and an end product of which everyone is justifiably proud.

Our clients have the most exacting standards and we exceed these on every project we complete by only employing the best craftsman in their fields and a trusted supply chain established over three decades. Integrity, diligence, discretion and uncompromising quality: these just aren’t promises, but the values we live and work by.